Body Language: What The VP Candidates Really Said

10:57 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- What did the Vice Presidential Candidates say without uttering a word? Blanca Cobb, body language and lie detector expert, joined us on News 2 at 11pm.

Cobb watched the debate, not to hear what points where being made, but how those points were being made.

Her main take-a-ways from Paul Ryan: He came across in control of his emotions. You could see controlled anger with a nostril flare. He held his hands and you could see his fingers moving, which told him he was a bit anxious. He would relieve stress with shoulder movement. He drank a lot, which again, points to nervousness, but it was controlled, it wasn't done in the middle of his points. 

He only turned his head to VP Joe Biden not his body, so it shows he is not into what Biden was sayin,  but he was more respectful.

Cobb's take-a-ways of Vice President Joe Biden: The looking into the camera and having a one-on-one conversation with seniors and the audience shows he that he was trying to make a connection...and communicate a tenderness and a softness.

His constant smiling and laughing was to show that Ryan's remarks were so off the mark, but it came off condensencing. He would bite his lip. Sometimes before he would answer, he would straighten up and puff up his chest so exude confidence.

And when it comes to the "my friend" remarks, Cobb says it didn't work for him and believes the non-verbal message was hostile.

You can follow Blanca on twitter @BlancaCobb or check out her website and insights




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