Jonesville Police Make Arrest In Officer Murder 16 Years Later

10:58 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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Jonesville, NC- 16 years later, police in Jonesville, NC arrest the man they believe shot and killed Sgt. Gregory Martin.

Martin made a routine traffic stop on Highway 77 in Yadkin County around 2 a.m. in October 1996.

The suspect shot Martin several times, and then took off, leaving Martin to die.

He was only 30 years-old and was the first Jonesville Police Officer killed in the line of duty.

"He looked so young he just really floored me that he was so young and that he could do something so cruel," said Brittany Martin, after seeing the mug shot of the man police believe murdered her father.

"I couldn't imagine, I couldn't imagine," said Sergeant Greg Martin's sister, Melissa Blakely. "To me there is nothing that you could have done, to take anybody's life. Let alone an officer's life."

"What did he ever do to you? Do you know what you took away from me and my brother and my whole family?" said Martin.

Flags fly at half staff at the Jonesville Town Hall. They remind the town of a fallen hero, taken sixteen years ago and until Wednesday, taken by a mystery suspect.

"I just hope no one else has to go through the same heart ache I've been through, because 16 years, that's a lot of heartache," said Brittany. "That's a lot of pain and it doesn't get any easier."
Brittany Martin was just 6-years-old when her father was murdered in the line of duty.

She's been through 16 Christmases, birthdays and soon her wedding without her father.

"It gets harder as the time goes by for the fact that, I slowly start forgetting little by little, what daddy was like, and his habits and what he smelt like," said Brittany.

"We just talk about him, and I'm just, and it's sad that she doesn't get to know the Greg that I know," said Melissa.
"I can still look at his picture and I can still kind of hear his voice in the background," said Brittany.

A voice she says has grown louder, now that police believe his killer is in custody.

"It lets me know that it's not, no one's forgot."

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