Tiffany Blackburn Meets Julian Ross

2:17 PM, Sep 23, 2012   |    comments
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Lexington, NC - "I didn't even ask anybody, I was like, we're coming! We're getting in the car and we're driving!" said Kristi Thompson.

More than 600 miles later, Kristi and her family arrived in Lexington, a place they have never been.

"It made me feel really, really happy," explained 7-year-old Julian Ross.

"It's almost perfect to be here where it's very joyful, and it keeps you very distracted," said Thompson,

Distracted from the reason they took this trip.

"Ha! Did you see him?" Julian laughs.

Today, Julian is laughing and playing like any other 7-year-old boy, but Monday he will be in the hospital, to see if his cancer treatments are working.

"If it's really not doing anything, you know, then it's stopping treatment, pulling the lines and just measuring quality of life versus quantity of life," said his mom, Kristi.

Julian has stage four neuroblastoma, but people in Lexington aren't thinking about that.

"We baked cakes; we've been baking cakes for two days. And cupcakes, and pies and cookies, brownies, we got it all baked," said Dot Hayes, a Lexington resident.

She, Debbie Watkins and Diana Stanford baked them so they could sell them and help a Clemmons woman who started shortening Julian's Bucket List.

"To see all this community come together for somebody that they've never met," said Tiffany Blackburn.

Tiffany Blackburn was moved to help Julian two months ago after seeing his story on Facebook.

So far, she's gotten him in to meet his favorite band and a pet kitten but she had never met him until Saturday.

Her efforts combined with the efforts of the women who organized this event will pay for a Bahamas trip.

"I think it's just immense and helps us realize that we're not alone in this battle," said Kristi.

The money raised Saturday will be used for airfare for the Bahamas trip.

Tiffany arranged for Julian and his family of 7 to stay at the Atlantis resort and for Julian to swim with the dolphins.

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