Undocumented Immigrants Talk About Being Racially Profiled

11:07 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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Alamance County, NC--  On Tuesday, The U.S. Department of Justice announced that they found reasonable cause to believe that the Alamance County Sheriff's Department engages in a pattern or practice of discriminatory policing against Latinos.

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News 2's Liz Crawford spoke with Giovanna Hurtado and Moises Serrano, two undocumented Mexican immigrants about racial profiling.

In an interview, both Hurtado and Serrano said they have been racially profiled by law enforcement.

Hurtado said, "It becomes more of a brown issue, a people of color issue. If you look the part, you are the part. It goes beyond being documented or not. It goes beyond the way you look. That's what we're facing up against today."

Hurtado said she's been pulled over in the past for no reason at all adding that the officer only turned his lights on after seeing her face.
Serrano said that he's profiled frequently.

Serrano said, "I don't have a sign on my forehead that says undocumented so the only way that they're going to stop me is by looking at my skin color."

Because he's an advocate and public about his undocumented status, he thinks it makes him a target.

" I feel that it's almost because they already know what kind of car that I drive, they know who I am and I feel that they kind of think that it's their responsibility to stop you if they see you driving and they know that you don't have a valid driver's license," said Serrano.

Hurtado and Serrano were brought into the United States when they were very young. They've spent their whole lives growing up in Yadkin County.

Both have been advocating for the DREAM Act, giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship.

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