WFMY's Leigh Brock gives us some tips for nurturing our houseplants

7:41 AM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  Our houseplants enjoy a little well-deserved vacation in the summer.  They like the fresh air and sunshine just like we do. 

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  With the air getting cooler as we move into fall, transition them inside before it gets too cool for them outside. 

Don't just bring them in.  It's too much of a shock.  Changes in temperature, humidity and light can be too much for them to handle all at once.  Ease them in by putting them in the shade, rather than the sun.  Leave them out for a few days to get them used to having lower light. 

While they're in the shade, take the opportunity to enjoy it yourself... and re-pot the plants if they need it.  If they have outgrown their current pot, or just need fresh dirt, do it before you take them inside.   

Right before you take them in, check for bugs.  You don't want any hitch hikers to come into the house with them.  Look for visible bugs.  Then put the pot in lukewarm water to force out any bugs which have taken up residence in the soil. 

The final step is to take the plants back into the house.  Just make sure your windows are open so the temperature and humidity will be similar to what they have gotten used to outside. 

Then, when you close up the house,for the winter, your plants will be well-adjusted and ready to go... well, sit.

University of Vermont Extension Office

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