New Winston-Salem Fire Station Project By Farley Associates Is In Trouble

10:48 PM, Sep 14, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC-- They're the lead contractor on the McNair Elementary School project, but Farley Associates' problems might not just be contained to Guilford County.

Guilford County Schools fired Farley Associates due to delay after delay on the McNair Elementary building project. Farley Associates had fallen behind on the July and August deadlines, but continued to submit plans to the school district detailing how it would catch up.

On Friday, News 2's Liz Crawford found out that Farley Associates is also behind on construction of a fire station in Winston-Salem.

Earlier in the week Guilford County Schools declared Farley Associates in default. Now, the city of Winston-Salem is considering doing the same thing after Farley Associates wasn't paying subcontractors on the job.

Winston-Salem hired Farley Associates as the general contractor for construction of Fire Station #19. But three months ago, the city got word of payment problems.

"We were approached by several of the subcontractors working on the project that they were having trouble getting payments from the prime, Farley," Greg Turner, Assistant City Manager told News 2.

Turner estimates a couple of dozen subs weren't getting paid.

"Obviously when a sub is not being paid, they get to the point where they say, we're going to have to pull off the job," said Turner.

According to Turner, some subcontractors pulled off but since the bonding or insurance company, Hartford started paying them, they've come back.

Now, Hartford, the bonding company is paying all the subs and Farley Associates isn't paying any.

This leaves the city of Winston-Salem with some decisions to make about keeping Farley on the job.

Turner added, "We're also evaluating whether the project will finish out with them or whether it will finish out with a different company."
According to the city, as of Friday morning, Farley was on the job site.

Winston-Salem told News 2 that work on the fire station is delayed by a month or two because of Farley's failed payment. The city's deadline for the project is the end of the year.

Farley Associates could not be reached for comment.

WFMY News 2

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