Baby Jaxx Ready To Get "Stretched Out"

10:45 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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WFMY -- It's been four months since doctors built Jaxx Denny's new rib cage and straightened out his spine, but little Jaxx has grown so much, his rods have to be expanded.

Jaxx and his parents are back in Philadelphia. On Tuesday, Jaxx will have another surgery.

This surgery is minor compared to what he has already been through, but doctors will expand the four metal rods he already has in his body, so Jaxx has plenty of room to grow.

Jaxx is now 15 months old. And while he's not walking on his own just yet, his parents have plenty of reasons to be proud of him.

"He's done a lot of things that will normal, healthy kids, you really don't pay attention to and you don't look at it like a big step or a hurdle. But with him, of course it's a little different," said Pete Denny.

"Everything else he is right on target with where he's supposed to be. The only thing is his mobility, he's behind. But everything else, he's doing fabulous. He's doing great," said Tammy Denny.

Pete and Tammy Denny were thrill that Jaxx said "da-da" for the first time on Sunday.

"What's really encouraging is the way you see him right now, laughing and smiling, that's the way he is all the time," said Pete Denny. "He's just a normal little baby, with a lot of metal in his back."

Doctors said Jaxx's surgery should only take about 45 minutes.

"Every day you get up and you just thank God, not only for the kids you got that are healthy, but that he can actually have a chance at life. It's really been awesome," said Denny.

The Denny's are starting a foundation to help kids just like Jaxx. They said they're still waiting on the paperwork to come back from the IRS, so they can officially operate as a non-profit.

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