Drunk Driving Victim Wants To See Laws Tougher For DWI Offenders

11:28 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC--  News 2 has talked to law enforcement, district attorneys, and legislators about the need for stricter drunk driving laws but for the victims and their families, that need is deeply personal.

News 2 spoke with Brittany Greene. At 18-years-old, Brittany was in the prime of her life when a drunk driver hit her car, killing himself and almost killing Brittany. The driver, Scott Smith hit Brittany and her friend in the passenger seat head on. The vehicle was totaled. The car battery found behind the driver's seat. It took fire fighters two hours to get Brittany out of the car.

WATCH: Drunk Driving Victim Shares Her Journey

Brittany Greene spent three months in the hospital after tearing her aorta and breaking nearly every bone in her body. Some of the first responders on the scene called her, "the miracle girl."

Brittany's mom told News 2 that the drunk driver was a repeat DWI offender.

It's been just over a month since Brittany was released from the hospital . On Wednesday, Brittany talked to News 2's Liz Crawford about her progress.

She also opened up about how drunk driving laws need to change.

"You shouldn't give somebody a second chance to hurt somebody."

Law enforcement told Brittany that Scott Smith had received a DWI before her accident, clearly not teaching him a lesson.

"He wouldn't have been in that car to hit us because the law wouldn't have let him. The law is so lenient they could bypass everything and get drunk and get in the car," Brittany said.

Brittany explained that her life is forever changed. If it was because someone beat her with a baseball bat, that person would never get a second chance to beat someone else again, but because he used a car, the sentencing laws are far less severe.

Brittany said, "It doesn't matter what you use, you can hurt somebody with anything. It's all a matter of, you shouldn't of been drinking and driving."

Brittany is still learning how to walk and do things around the house.

She has weekly doctor appointments and is scheduled to have knee surgery followed by vocal cord surgery.

Once she's strong enough she wants to advocate against drinking and driving by speaking to middle and high school students.

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