Music Teacher Fails Math Test, May Lose Job

10:31 PM, Aug 14, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (FCN) -- Meet Charles Dolar: Class of 2000 at Rutgers University and for the last two years, part-time band director at Wolfson High School.

"My whole life is about music and inspiring students," he said.

Dolar may know how to read a quarter note and a half note on a music sheet, but he's afraid he has lost his job because he failed a math test.

"It was a five hour test, four parts," he said. "If you fail any of the parts, you are automatically fired."

Florida requires all teachers to pass its teacher certification exam; Dolar said he passed every section except the math. He wants to know why that is critical to being a band director.

"I was devastated, I actually fell apart in the place. They had to escort me out. That was my whole life right there," said Dolar.

After his first attempt, Dolar worked with a tutor and still didn't pass the test. Like a good musician, he said he's going to give it another try.

"This is a math at the sophomore level," said Dolar, "As a musician, I don't do a lot of algebra in my teaching."

Duval County School spokesperson Jill Johnson said there is a general knowledge requirement that you must pass within the first year of teaching.

You can take the test every 31 days in order to try and pass it, she added.

Johnson said the Schultz Center provides assistance to anyone.

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