State: Food Stamp Paperwork Must Be Turned In On Time

2:31 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Some families in Guilford County are not receiving their food stamps again.

In June, there were problems with Guilford County's new food stamp computer system, which led to hundreds of families going without the food they needed for weeks.

This week, a handful of families contacted News 2 and said they're having the same frustration: they're not getting their food stamps.

However, News 2 has found the issues have evolved.

In June, the State Division of Social Services installed a new pilot food stamp program on Guilford County's computers.

It was supposed to make the food stamp program easier, but at the time it did just the opposite.

A glitch in the software program set off a chain of problems, which meant about 40 families had to do without until the community stepped up to donate food to local food pantries.

County officials told News 2 in June that county workers were still learning the new system and that takes time. Additionally, the new software had some bugs, and the county's computers were not powerful enough to run the program.

That has since been resolved. And on Thursday, officials at the State Department of Social Services told News 2 they're not aware of any more glitches with the system.

However, they also said that if people don't get their paperwork turned in on time then that can be a problem. They said with the new system there's a lag time because county employees are still learning the system, unlike the old system where food stamp recipients had more leeway.

If you're still having a problem getting your food stamps, you can call Guilford County Social Services at 641-3000. 

Despite the past glitches, the state is moving forward with the new food stamp program. Along with the four counties in the pilot program, another county has come online and they'll roll it out in other counties in the next few weeks.

If you want to help those affected, you can make a donation to local food pantries.

You can drop off food or money to the Greensboro Urban Ministry on West Lee Street in Greensboro or at Open Door Ministries in High Point.

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