Cascades Residents Reach Breaking Point, Move Out

11:52 PM, Jul 27, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It's been one headache after another for residents of a Greensboro apartment complex, but this time some of them have reached their breaking point.

When the air conditioning went out last month at Cascades Grandview Apartments, a lot of residents complained to the management, went to the city and even sought advice from a lawyer.

After realizing they were getting nowhere, they sucked it up and did whatever they could to stay cool.

But when the air conditioning was shut off again this week, a lot of residents decided it was time to move out.

"It's no point in staying here any longer. I have arrangements for other places," said Cheyenne Streeter, who lived at Cascades for almost a year.

"I'm not dealing with it for a year. I'm done even if they get it fixed today, I'm still out of here," said Michael Sain, who had lived there for only three months.

Armed with boxes and a dolly, and fed up with empty promises, Renee Norris and her husband were at the complex Friday to move their daughter out of her apartment.

"It's just every issue. The security is an issue, not having the safety locks on the doors so you have to have a key to get in like we were promised. And the back exit door stayed busted out with plastic put on it for months," said Norris.

The broken air conditioning was the final straw for Norris and the others.

"It's hot, it's unbearable. I can't even sleep. And I'd take a shower, but I'm still coming out sweaty. The water is way too hot because the building pipes are hot," said Streeter.

There's no relief at the pool, which remains closed and looks more like a pond.

So some of them have resorted to sleeping under the stars...sort of.

"I'm actually having my futon on my balcony, sleeping out there," said Sain.

Although the front office folks at Cascades said they hope to have the air back on by Monday, Sain, Streeter and Norris' daughter are not waiting around to find out.

"I'm not going to try a third try. It's not worth it," said Sain.

Some of the residents have to break their leases to move.  Sain told News 2 he has to pay an extra two extra months of rent even though he won't be living there.

Another resident said Cascades can keep her security deposit, but she's not giving them another penny.


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