Update: Hundreds In GSO Complex Lose AC/Pool

11:30 PM, Jun 23, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- On Friday, we told you about an entire apartment complex that's been without air conditioning for more than a week.

Residents are understandably frustrated and hit a boiling point.  On Saturday, Greensboro Police found the body of a resident inside the Cascades Grandview Apartments.

Police say the 59-year old man had probably been there for a couple days, but they are not attributing his death to the heat.  They say he died of natural causes.

(Friday) Greensboro, NC -- We've all gotten back into a car after a hot Summer day.

It's hard not to notice the suffocating, uncomfortable heat inside before you turn on the air conditioner.

That's how it felt in one large Greensboro apartment building Friday afternoon.

More than 200 people without any cool as temperatures hung above the 90-degree mark this week.

Joe Strickland hasn't spent much time in his apartment since moving here three weeks ago.

"I've been going to Hardy's, up the street. Been going to the YMCA," he said.

That's because this wasn't quite the "housewarming" he was expecting. "It's just been suffocating," Strickland said.

The 228-unit building is in it's second week of no air conditioning. The Cascade Grandview Apartment property manager tells News 2, the electrical board went out. Tina Watts, explains that they've ordered a replacement and expect the issue to be fixed by next weekend.

"I can adapt easily," said 19-year-old Zachary Jones. "I just take cold showers and I'm sitting around half-nude but for other people in here, I don't know how they are handling it."

The little patience the residents had in the beginning has run out.

"As soon as I step into my room, it's completely too hot. It's hotter than it is outside somedays," Jones explained.

But it gets worse, the one place they could cool off, the swimming pool - is closed.

"I've got 6, 7, 8 stories on top of me, you know, you can imagine how hot it is," said Strickland.

Jones adds, "We, still, are pretty much getting dehydrated from being in our own apartments."

The residents say they have not been offered any fans or any other temporary options to cool their apartments. But the property owner at Cascades Grandview says they are working with a local charity to donate fans to the elderly and they are considering buying fans for the others.

News 2's Faith Abubey will have more at 11pm Friday.

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