Police Still Searching for Leads in Allante Murray Murder Investigation

7:37 PM, Jun 14, 2012   |    comments
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  • Allante Murray, Killed in 2008
  • Three different composites from three different witnesses for a potential suspect.

Burlington, N.C. -- Police are still searching for the person who killed 17-year-old Allante Murray on June 12, 2008. Four years have passed, but the case remains unsolved. It's the only unsolved murder case in Burlington.

Despite all the time that has passed, Burlington Police remain confident they will solve this case.

"The person who committed this crime has likely told this to someone. That someone needs to come forward and tell us what they know," Burlington Police Captain Steve Smith said. "I feel like someone out there knows what has happened, and they're just reluctant to come forward."

Burlington Police released information about this case in the hopes of solving it. Police department details are listed below:

Allante Murray was shot and killed four years ago on June 12, 2008 in Jackson Park, Burlington, NC at about 12:30pm.

"We are still of the belief that there are people in the community that have information that could be critical in helping investigators resolve this case. It is our hope that as we note the passing of 4 years since the shooting, someone with knowledge of what happened that day will come forward and provide information that will lead to an arrest of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Allante Murray."

A reward of $7500.00 is still being offered for the information that will lead to an arrest and conviction in this case.

Anyone with information can contact Burlington Police at 229-3500 or Crimestoppers at 229-7100. 

*  On June 12, 2008 at 12:35 hours, officers of the Burlington Police Department responded to Robinson Park in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival, the victim was identified as Allante Murray, B/M, 17 years of age. Murray's injury consisted of a gunshot wound to the lower back area. Murray died as a result of the gunshot wound 

*  Upon arrival, there were two main witnesses located, both of which were in the park at the time Murray was shot. Both main witnesses were interviewed, however only one was able to provide the most suspect information. It should be noted that there were also three other individuals that were present in the park when Murray was shot, however they were not able to provide very much information pertaining to what had occurred. 

*  According to one of the witnesses, an unknown B/M, tall, slender, with shoulder length dreads, asked her if she knew another individual that frequented the park, to which she replied yes. The unknown B/M, asked the witness to contact that individual via phone, and inform that individual that he was at that location to meet with him. According to the witness, the B/M told her his name was "Lamont," or "Mont." The witness made the call on the unknown B/M's behalf, whereupon the individual that the B/M wanted to meet with, informed the witness, that he would be en-route. The unknown B/M, then returned to a vehicle parked in the parking lot area off of Jackson St. 

*  After about 14 minutes, the B/M, asks the witness to call that individual again to find out if he is coming. The witness calls the other individual again, whereupon he informs the witness that he is on his way. The witness tells the B/M what the other individual has said, and the B/M returns to the vehicle. 

*  According to one of the witnesses, several "popping" noises (which are believed to be that of a moped backfiring) are heard. Upon hearing the noises, one of the witnesses looks up towards the parking lot area and observes Murray on a scooter/moped, traveling down the hill, and the car that the B/M was in, leaving the parking lot, turning left onto Jackson St. 

*  As Murray travels down the hill, he crashes near the center of the park (close to a bridge as well as the picnic table that two of the witnesses were sitting at.) One of the witnesses, made one of the two 911 calls, the other 911 call was made by Murray. 

*  All of the witnesses interviewed, had varying descriptions of the suspect vehicle, as well as the direction of travel. 

*  The following are the descriptions of the suspect vehicle: a silver Saturn, a purplish/silver Saturn, a burgundy 4-door car, a burgundy compact car, and a grey Honda. 

*  Murray was spoken with pertaining to the identity of the suspect by three of the witnesses, a friend, whom he called, and officers on the scene. Murray was unable to provide any information pertaining to the suspect or his identity.

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