A New Device From Cone Health Helps Stroke Patients Avoid Disability

4:01 PM, May 17, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- A new device at Cone Health is helping patients avoid a permanent disability after suffering a stroke.

Christi Esparza became the first patient to undergo a brand new type of blood clot surgery at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital.

The 39 year-old mother from Greensboro suffered a stroke a few weeks ago.

According to Esparza, she went from dizzy to frantic, unable to speak to losing feeling in her body.

Doctors removed a blood clot out of her brain in just 15 minutes, a procedure that Doctor Tony Deveshwar said once took as long as six hours.

"Christi Esparza couldn't move or couldn't talk and she was able to comprehend when she first arrived and immediately after, she was able to articulate. She was able to speak almost normally," explain Dr. Deveshwar.

Esparza currently takes physical therapy sessions to regain full mobility in her hands.

High blood pressure, smoking, and having had a previous stroke or heart attack can increase your chance of having a stroke.

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