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Baby Jaxx Back Home In Reidsville, NC

10:22 PM, May 11, 2012   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC -- He isn't even a year old and Baby Jaxx Denny has had the adventure of a lifetime.

Jaxx was born with a severely curved spine, missing six ribs on his right side, and missing a kidney.

Last Tuesday, doctors operated on Jaxx and put four titanium rods into his body to straighten his spine and rebuild his ribcage.

Jaxx was discharged from Children's Hospital in Philadelphia just one week later. On Friday, he arrived home to Reidsville.

"It's going to take a long time to fill him in on everything. That's for sure," said Pete Denny, Jaxx's father.

For Pete and Tammy Denny, the last two weeks have been surreal.

"I think I'm going to wake up one day next week and say, 'Tammy, did we just go to Philly and have surgery? And is that Jaxx? Is that the same kid that had the surgery?" said Pete Denny.

"All these months of preparation, mentally, and all this anxiety that we had at certain points, and then for the surgery to go by so quickly," said Tammy Denny.

On Friday, Baby Jaxx was getting used to his new normal.

After 11 months of sitting to the right, because of his curved spine, Jaxx is learning to sit up straight, which will take some time getting used to.

"Even his peripheral vision has changed. Because he's been sitting sideways for 11 months. And now, he's seeing straight, so he has to learn to balance himself when he's sitting up," said Tammy Denny. "What we think is he's just uncomfortable right now. We think a lot of it may even be frustration. Just because, this is new for him."

Jaxx's new life has only just begun.

"I don't want him to feel like he can't do something because he's got all this titanium in him," said Pete Denny.

Tammy Denny said they won't ever limit their son. In fact, they'll encourage him to take chances and try everything.

"A lot of doctors have said, he won't run a marathon, he won't be a marathon-runner because of his lung growth, but he'll do whatever God wants him to do," she said.

Jaxx is still on pain medication, but he has only one restriction. He can't stretch or twist his body because his muscles still have to heal.

Jaxx turns one later this month. His parents said this will be a special birthday because they truly have so much to celebrate.

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