Tonight at 11: Pink Slime

9:11 AM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- "Pink Slime" has been in the news recently, but do you know what it really involves?

News 2's Lauren Melvin is working on a story for the 11 pm newscast Monday night about pink slime in your food.

Lauren talked briefly about the story on the Good Morning Show.

She explained the term "pink slime" was started years ago by a biologist who took issue with the beef filler. It wasn't until last month when a mom blogger from Houston started a campaign to get "pink slime" out of schools.

Pink slime is basically the beef products left over when cow beef is cut into steaks. The leftover beef products are turned into something called "finely textured beef."

We've been eating it for years in hamburgers but since the blogger rant, schools are eliminating it and many grocery stores are refusing to sell it - all because of the phrase "pink slime."

Dr. Ralph Noble, an animal scientist at North Carolina A&T, said, "Because it's ground so fine, it does take a different form, almost like when you see Gerber food for children. It's been ground up, looks like it's been rechewed."

At 11pm Monday, Lauren Melvin looks into what pink slime really is and whether we should or shouldn't be concerned.

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