Research: Greensboro One Of America's Most Generous Cities

10:31 PM, Jan 15, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- At WFMY News 2, we get to see your generosity every day. You make our Holiday Blood Drive a success, and you make sure people in the Piedmont have enough to eat through our Food 2 Families program.

Other people are noticing your good work, too. A national firm called Scarborough Research says Greensboro is tied for the ninth-most giving market in the country.

Shana Carignan and her son, Jax, see that generosity firsthand.

"He lost his first tooth this week," Shana said of Jax. "[It's] pretty exciting."

Milestones are a big deal for the four-year-old because he wasn't supposed to have many of them.

"We were kinda told that he would just be a hangout kid [and] that he would not really amount to much," Shana said.

Jax has cerebral palsy. Shana and her partner, Megan, adopted him two years ago without really knowing what to expect. Since then, he's exceeded every expectation.

"Through the early intervention at Gateway [Education Center] and his privatized therapies and lots of love, he's come around to where he can let you know that he does understand things," Shana said.

Gateway is the name of the school where Jax and other students with serious disabilities can get the extra attention they need to develop. Shana showed us a video where Jax was manipulating a computer with his eyes to play a song, stop it and tell the world how much he likes it.

"I love it!" a computerized voice exclaimed at the end of the video.

The Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association helps run the school. The United Way of Greater Greensboro helps fund it. Without the school and the people who make it happen, Shana and Megan wouldn't have adopted Jax.

"Greensboro has a community that's just very giving," Shana said. "I've lived in a few different places and people here just really seem to care about one another."

Shana says Jax has a lot of options for future growth and development. And the more Greensboro keeps giving, people who need help will have more places to find it.

On top of seeing how the generosity of strangers benefits her son, Shana works for the non-profit group Triad Health Project -- so she gets to see the kindness of others at home and at work.

Last year, the United Way of Greater Greensboro raised $11.2 million.

Its leaders say since it opened in 1922, you have helped it invest more than $350 million back into Greensboro.

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