Layaway Angels At Kmart Giving Christmas To Those In Need

9:46 AM, Dec 22, 2011   |    comments
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Reidsville - Kmart's across the country have been experiencing what they refer to as "layaway angels," anonymous people paying off customer's past due layaway balances.

And this year, the layaway balances these angels are paying off means Christmas for children who otherwise might not have presents Christmas morning.

Tony Sutherland, the manager of the Reidsville Kmart, told News 2's Patrick Phillippi, "In nineteen years in retail, this is the first time I've seen anything like it."

One of these layaway angels landed in the Reidsville Kmart Wednesday morning, paying off $1,000 dollars worth of delinquent layaway balances.

This generous act gave sales associate Ashley Hunt a task she looks forward to every time it happens, calling a family to tell them someone has paid for their Christmas.

Hunt says, "I call them and say, hello this is Kmart, we had a secret angel come in and pay your layaway. You just have to come in and get it, that's it."

Hunt said the families almost always immediately start crying, and when it is time to pick up their items, it is a scene of indescribable joy.

"When one family came in, you could hear in her voice, she started choking up. One of the little boys was with her, you could see it, they were excited, they were going to have Christmas," says Hunt.

Assistant Store Manager Erika Cassell told News 2, "People are using layaways to put toys and clothes, things they need. Toys, you don't necessarily need, but during Christmas, you need toys."

And during a season of giving, these layaway angels provide one more example of the reason for the season. "It makes you stop and think, maybe I can do something, even if it's something small," said Cassell.

Sales associate Hunt added, "They wouldn't have had a Christmas if they didn't get it, so, it's giving them hope."

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