BBB: 8 Complaints Filed Against Service Experts In Greensboro

8:56 AM, Dec 17, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- If you own an appliance and the warranty has expired, you usually call a repair man to see if the problem is fixable. In this tight economy sometimes it's cheaper to repair than replace.

That's what a man who only wants to be known as "Art" tried to do.

He called Service Experts and they came out to make the repair on his washing machine.

He paid them $60 for the service call after they worked on the washer, but the repairman said he would return with a part.

He never did.

"There's no recourse to get a hold of anybody. That's when you start to panic what's really going on here," stated Art.

"Don't pay any money up front," shared Kevin Hinterberger, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central NC.

Hinterberger said "Art" is one of eight complaints the Better Business Bureau received since November against this same company.

"Check to see what the replacement cost will be for the product. In some instances it's almost as cheap to get a brand new product as it is to have the product repaired," explained Hinterberger.

We called a technician who says he worked for Ronnie Spears.

He said Spears never paid him for the work he did.

Spears may not be limiting himself to Greensboro.

The president of the Better Business Bureau in Winston-Salem said they've gotten complaints in the past three days from consumers saying a "Ronnie" is not doing repairs they've paid him to do on their appliances.

But instead of Ronnie Spears the name is Ronnie Griffin.

"In all eight complaints, consumers paid the company in advance to fix appliances in their home. Service Experts took the money and never returned to make the repairs, according to consumers," said Hinterberger.

The problems involve broken washers, dryers and refrigerators. Employees from Service Experts would diagnose them, charge a fee of anywhere from $60 to $235 and promise to return. But the repairs were never completed according to consumers who filed these complaints.

"These complaints show a pattern of troublesome customer service and questionable payments," said Hinterberger.

The BBB continues to investigate.

The company's address is a mailbox at the UPS store at 5603 W. Friendly Ave. in Greensboro. The manager at the UPS store told us Ronnie Spears does not have an account with them or a mailbox.

In repeated calls to Service Experts by the BBB, the owner of the business, Ronnie Spears, would not give out an address for the business.

Hinterberger said that's another warning sign. "If a business is not on the up and up. Chances are they don't have a good bricks and mortar location for them to get in touch with them," he said. 

Consumers complained that they could not get in touch with the company by phone and could not leave messages because voicemail had not been set up. We found the same problems when we called the number for the business.

The BBB recommends that consumers do not pay any bills from repair companies until the repairs are complete.

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