Mary Ann Holder's Daughter Christina Smith and Ex-Husband Robert Smith Discuss Shootings

11:32 PM, Dec 6, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Investigators say they don't really know what made Mary Ann Holder kill 5 children and herself on Sunday, November 20.

Her daughter and ex-husband don't have an explanation either.

Christina Smith is Holder's oldest daughter. She says she spoke with her mother the same morning investigators say Holder shot her two sons in the head - as well as her niece, nephew and one of her son's girlfriend.

WFMY News2's Frank Mickens: "What did she say to you that Sunday morning?"

Christina Smith: "That she loved me and she'd see me later. She told the truth, I guess."

Smith and her father Robert "Rocky" Smith say they don't have any better explanation for how Holder killed five children before she killed herself.

"The storyline hurts. To have my mother portrayed as somebody bad. I understand that's what people are seeing right now. But the mommy person in her loved every single one of her children - biological or not. She was a great mom," Christina Smith said.

Robert Smith said, "She took in children. Children would stay in her home. When things were going wrong at home, they would stay with Mary Ann because she was the safe haven. So for this to have happened, something mentally, physically - all of those things combined to cause this. If that's the way it really went down."

The Smiths says their focus now is on raising awareness to mental illness, domestic violence and organ donation.

One good thing from this tragedy, they say organs from the six young people killed benefited at least 21 people.

"If she did this, then something that morning snapped in this great mother's mind to cause her to do something as totally opposite of the love she's shown," Robert Smith said.

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