Neighbors React To Pleasant Garden Shooting

12:06 AM, Nov 21, 2011   |    comments
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Pleasant Garden, NC -- Neighbors and friends tried to make sense of a tragic shooting Sunday. Authorities called it a domestic incident.

The Guilford County Sheriff said seven people were shot Sunday morning, two of them died after a domestic incident that took place in three different locations. Two of those locations were in a Pleasant Garden neighborhood.

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Neighbors near Cocoa Drive told News 2 the name of the woman who shot herself, and the names of some of the victims, who they said were children ranging in age from nine to 17. However, the sheriff's department has not yet confirmed the names.

Nevertheless, everyone was stunned about the shootings. Neighbors said they were crushed.

"It's terrible. It's terrible. I don't know how i'm going to tell my child that his friend, that he stands at the bus stop everyday with, possibly, he may not see again. I can't imagine," said Jeannine Griffin.

Griffin's son has played basketball and baseball with one of the boys down the street for years. She said she's gotten to know the whole family well.

"I know, it's sad. I know, it's sad. It just blows you away. Too close to home. Too close to home," she said.

Even neighbors who didn't know the family well, shared that grief.

"I have bad feelings for the children and the family because these things shouldn't happen, but they do. So we just hope that those of them that were hurt, they can recover," said Beauford Smith.

By Sunday evening, kids who had gotten word through Twitter and Facebook that their friends may have been victims, were trying to piece it all together.

"I'm still kind of in shock about it. I mean, it's just something you would never really expect. We're just praying for the best right now," said Brianna Sawyer, a sophomore at Southeast Guilford High School.

The sheriff's crime lab and several investigators were also in the house and yard of one of the other victim's, whose address was in Greensboro. This victim was believed to be shot in the shoulder in the parking lot of the GTCC Aviation School.

When News 2 knocked on the door of the home, no one answered.

Investigators also said that there was a note or notes left behind, but they would not say who left the notes or what was in them. 

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