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Bowzer Performs In Winston-Salem For Childhood Cancer Foundation

10:57 PM, Oct 8, 2011   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- The DiGerolamo's know how difficult the journey is when your child is fighting cancer. Charlie and Sarah DiGerolamo's son, Vinny, was diagnosed with a rare cancer four years ago.

"We understand the battle," said Sarah. "It's heart wrenching."

Two years ago the DiGerolamo's started a foundation called 'Kids of Childhood Cancer.' The foundation raises money for families going through treatment at Brenner Children's Hospital Pediatric Oncology Ward.

"We believe everybody should have that opportunity to have somebody supporting you when you're going through such a terrible tragedy," said Charlie.

Between chemotherapy sessions, Charlie would play music from Sha Na Na for Vinny in the car.  Vinny became a huge fan of Bowzer, who was a part of Sha Na Na.  When Jon "Bowzer" Bauman found out he had such a big fan here in North Carolina, he called seven year-old Vinny at his house.

"He knows every song. He knows all the moves," said Bauman.  "It's just one of those remarkable things."

Later on Bowzer got stuck at the Charlotte airport during a snowstorm.  Rather than waiting out the storm at the airport, he drove to the Triad to see Vinny and his family.  They became instant friends.  Bowzer offered to do a show for the DiGerolamo's foundation.  Bowzer and the Stingrays and Rocky and the Rollers performed at R.J. Reynolds Auditorium on Saturday night.

"I find him to be such an inspiration for me," said Bauman.  "What life really is about.  And what it's really like to be a warrior and a fighter that he is." 


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