Neighbor Who Heard Plane Crash Knew Doctor Who Died

6:10 PM, Apr 1, 2011   |    comments
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  • Dr. Thomas Littlejohn, killed in crash

High Point, NC --  Maurice Spagnola saw the crash soon after impact, Wednesday.  It landed in his neighbor's house across the street in a violent fireball.

He knew whoever was in that plane that crashed into the house did not survive.  What he didn't expect was to know the person on board.

"When I heard that that was Dr. Littlejohn as the passenger I really couldn't believe it," stated Spagnola.

Maurice found it was Dr. Thomas Littlejohn, III on Thursday.

Friday, He and his wife, Fran, watched recovery workers remove scraps of the wrecked plane out of their neighbor's house.

Spagnola is a retired pharmaceutical rep who used to call on Dr. Littlejohn.

"It's one of the great coincidences in my life and I've had some several to me that are still unbelievable none of them were bad, but this one was bad." 

NTSB investigators expect a preliminary report on the crash investigation in less than 10 days.

But that won't tell us the cause of this crash.

That report is a year or more away.

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