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Police: Mom "Showed No Remorse" After Kids Were Rescued

11:33 PM, Mar 15, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- They went in expecting the worst.

What they found was shocking, they said.  But at least no one lost their life.

The five officers responded to Lynette Drive in Greensboro to find three children ages nine, seven and three-years-old in a home filled with a lethal dose of carbon monoxide.

Officer CJ St. Pierre said, "Three of us took turns kicking in the door until we could get it to break. All of us went in at the same time."

Corporal CE Tuck said, "I asked one of the girls where the mother was. And she said, 'she's at work.' I said, 'is anyone else here?' and she said, 'No.'"

They said the mom, Crystal Striblin, was at work. They said she showed the most concern about bonding out of jail.

"She showed little to no remorse for the kids. She never asked how they were doing," said Officer MR Leahey.

Officers WF Sizemore said, "Not one time did she ask where the kids were."

"If my kid was in the house with toxic gas I would want to know how they were doing and what was going on," he said.

"I was a little upset with it."

Striblin faces three counts of child neglect.  She bonded out of jail Tuesday night.  Police say they took the kids to a relative's house Monday after the rescue.

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