Police Rescue 3 Kids From House Filled With Carbon Monoxide

8:29 PM, Mar 15, 2011   |    comments
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  • House on Lynette Drive
  • Crystal Striblin

Keeping Your Family Safe From Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas.  Since it's impossible to see, taste, or smell the fumes, it can kill you before you know its in your home.

Several items in your home, including heaters, chimneys, and vehicle exhaust can be sources of carbon monoxide.  Keep an eye on these items.  Keep them properly adjusted and use them according to manufacturer's instructions.

  • Have a carbon monoxide detector
  • Change the batteries every six months.
  • Place them within 40 feet of all rooms used for sleeping.

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  • Greensboro, NC -- Police say a neighbor is responsible for saving the lives of three children when they were found alone at a home with a carbon monoxide leak.

    Greensboro Police were called to Lynette Drive around 11:30 p.m. Monday to investigate a noise complaint by a neighbor.

    Officer CJ St. Pierre was the first to respond and heard a beeping noise from a carbon monoxide detector inside the home. He said the alarm indicated a high level of carbon monoxide and smelled gas.

    Pierre said the lights were on inside the home but no one was answering the door. He, along with four other officers, forced their way into the home and found three children in a bedroom.

    The children, aged 3, 7, and 9, were semi-conscious as officers MR Leahey, AL Dellinger, WF Sizemore, and Corporal CE Tuck took the children outside.

    Officers opened the doors and windows to air out the home as fire and EMS crews responded. The fire department tested the parts per million 10 minutes after the initial entry and it registered at 95. Lethal is considered 100 pp.

    Firefighters turned off the source of the gas, which was possibly a leaking furnace.

    The children were transported to Moses Cone Hospital where they were treated and released.

    Investigators later learned the children were left at home alone while their mother, Crystal Striblin, was at work. Striblin was charged with three counts of child neglect.

    Striblin posted bond at the Guilford County jail and was released.

    The Criminal Investigation Division's Youth Services Squad is continuing their investigation.

    Neighbors Call 911

    Police said if the neighbor hadn't reported the sound, it could have ended tragically.

    "I went outside and I heard the noise coming from the next door neighbor," said Essam Yousef. "So right away we went and called the 911"

    Yousef and his wife told WFMY News 2 on Tuesday they called the police after hearing the loud beeping coming from Striblin's home.

    They don't know Striblin and her family well.  They had no idea the children were inside and in danger.

    "It breaks our hearts when we saw the kids coming out," said Yousef.

     They were happy they could help save the three young kids.

    "We feel really good about calling the 911," said Yousef. "That made us really feel like we saved the kids."

    WFMY News 2

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