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Breast Cancer Patient Blogs Chemo Field Trips

10:31 PM, Apr 8, 2010   |    comments
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High Point, NC--"Day 7 After Chemo 4. Some progress today. I had a much, much better day colitis-wise..."

Cathy Weaver's breast cancer has become an online outlet for others with the disease.

"Writing about things is what I do," says Cathy.  "I always have done it."

When she was diagnosed in November, she decided to share her cancer experience with the world.

"I just felt like that this was maybe one of the reasons that I have this."

Every week day, and once on weekends, you can join her "Chemo Field Trips" on

 It's her journey, through the good, the bad, and the ugly of cancer.

"I felt like it was an opportunity that would not only help me help other people but it would also be very cathartic. And it has been, very cathartic."

In her blog, she gives cancer tips, like other uses for Balmex.

"It's a baby bottom rash cream that you can put in your nose, and it really helps tremendously!"

And she has other uses for a lint roller.

"Once it's shaved, you still have little hairs that fall out. And they get on your neck and they drive you nuts. So, I use the old pet hair roller."

Cathy says this is the most peaceful time in her entire life. She's taken up needlework, and is re-reading her favorite books.

She loves telling stories of her son; golf pro, Drew Weaver.

"We called him up that night and said were coming up to see you, and he says, 'You know mom, this is going to be perfect. I was actually wearing pink for you tomorrow anyway."

She's finished her last chemo treatment and is moving forward.

And, she's laid out her journey...for all of us.

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