Rep. Howard Coble Spends Night In Hospital After Fainting

4:41 PM, Feb 19, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Coble Hospitalized

  • Courtesy: Rotary of High Point, Coble at Luncheon today
  • Courtesy: Rotary of High Point, Coble at Luncheon. Rotary Pres. Mark Pierce at podium
  • Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC, 6th District)
  • (Stock Photo) Howard Coble(R), Congress
  • Courtesy: Rotary of High Point, Coble at Luncheon today. Rotary Pres. Mark Pierce

High Point, NC -- U.S. Representative Howard Coble was taken to the hospital after fainting while making a public appearance on Thursday.

Ed McDonald, Coble's chief of staff and press secretary, said Coble fainted at High Point Country Club after speaking to the the High Point Rotary Club.

Mark Pierce, President of the High Point Rotary Club, said Coble spoke at their luncheon between 12:30-1pm.  Pierce said Coble was shaking hands with club members afterward when he fell backwards and hit his head.

"I was standing a couple feet away from him behind the head table when Howard just kind of fell back," said Pierce.

"The woman who saw it told me his eyes kind of rolled back into the back of his head and he went straight back," said McDonald.

Coble hit his head against the wall, causing a small cut on the back of his head that did not require stitches.

Pierce said he knelt down beside Coble, placed his jacket under his head and started talking with him. He said Coble was able to respond with his own name, replied to where he was, he identified Mark and other questions. He said Coble squeezed his hand and was alert until Fire/EMS arrived to take him to the hospital.

Coble underwent tests at High Point Regional Hospital, including at CT scan.  Doctors kept Coble overnight and are running additional tests Friday morning.

McDonald says if all the test results are favorable, they hope to release Congressman Coble by Friday afternoon.

Coble has represented the 6th district of North Carolina since 1985. He will turn 79 in March.

His schedule has been cleared for the next few days.

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