Online Community Weighs In On Facebook Ruling

11:47 PM, Feb 17, 2010   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC--We spoke with an assistant law professor Wednesday about the implications this ruling may have on future cases.

He says this ruling is particularly important for school systems and they try to determine the social media boundaries.

"With concerns over things like the shootings at Columbine, or Virginia Tech....with cyber-bullying cases--where in the last few years at least two children have committed suicide after different postings--it's a really important area for schools to determine where can we restrict," says Elon University's Constitutional Law expert, Scott Gaylord.  

Facebook fans have their own opinions on the issue...

Thomas Roam says "I agree with the judge here. Hopefully it helps the future of social internet posts...I'd rather read real thoughts from someone that get a covered up thought."

But David Brantly craft has a totally different thought process.

"As a child, you have to have boundaries. You do not publically disrespect a teacher like that. Children are not entitled to free speech until they are adults."

And Chase Rhodes says..."It was rude, but nothing illegal, or damaging to the school or teacher, that would be cause for suspension."

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