AAA Carolinas Hopes To Broadcast Texting PSA

11:58 PM, Dec 2, 2009   |    comments
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Courtesy: YouTube

Charlotte, NC -- A public service announcement from the United Kingdom was first posted on in August after it became the talk of the internet. Several digtriad users commented about how the video should be shown publicly, and now it might.

The 4-minute video shows three teenage girls riding down the road, with the driver texting. She crosses over the centerline and hits other car. Both cars begin spinning with passenger's heads hitting windows and blood flying. The cars come to a rest before a third car crashes into the wreckage.

WEB EXTRA: Watch the full version PSA

AAA Carolinas says they support the message in the PSA and would like to air a 30-second version in North Carolina households.

"Texting while driving has become an epidemic in North Carolina and the Carolina Motor Club Foundation for Traffic Safety aims to educate the public about the dangers associated with this reckless behavior," AAA says on their website.

AAA doesn't have a timeline on when they might get the rights to the video.

On Tuesday, texting while driving became against the law in North Carolina.

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