Ethanol In Gas Can Kill Your Gas Powered Leaf Blower

4:36 PM, Jan 21, 2014   |    comments
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ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- With a broom in hand, Warren Daye is slowly getting rid of the leaves around his house.  

"It's a hassle, it's pretty much old school"


He's stuck sweeping because he bought a new gas powered leaf blower. Let me explain. He filled it up with gas,  used it for small jobs and then it stopped working.

"The guy told me the seals and rings were carbonized there was nothing more than I could do thank chalk it up to being bad gas."

The gas Warren put in his new leaf blower had ethanol in it.
and while ethanol mix gas may be okay for your car experts say it can kill small engines like lawnmowers, leaf blowers and chain saws.

"It sits for a period of time and the ethanol starts damaging the
inside components, " explains Alvin McMasters of Graham Tractor Supply. 
The ethanol attracts water and "it will leave a white crusty substance inside the fuel tank, lines and carburetor."

Graham Tractor Supply is stocked with bottles of ethanol shield--which can save your motor. The $8 is well worth spending when you think of replacing or repairing.

"You're talking about a handheld piece of equipment that was $100 and you're talking about a $50 or $60 repair."

And as Warren found out, the warranty doesn't cover operator error. "Make sure you know the do's and don'ts when you purchase your units cause you can have problems."

There are two ways to save your investment: use the ethanol shield treatment and add it into your gas mixture or buy gas without ethanol. Check out the PureGas website to find a non-ethanol filling place near you.

***EXTRA INFO**** Alvin says gas no longer has the shelf life it used to. He says a few years back you could keep a gas can filled with gas for quite some time. Now, he says gas is really only good for 30 days. To make it last longer he says you need to add a stabilizer.

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