Reminder: Slow Down and Drive Careful on Wet Roads

12:40 AM, Jan 12, 2014   |    comments
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Greensboro, N.C. - The rain is slowing down, but the roads are still wet.

Lauren Lewis from the Greensboro Police Department said people just drive too fast.

She told WFMY News 2 when roads are wet, it's okay to drive below the posted speed limit.

"Just make sure you lower your speed," Lewis said. "That is a huge factor in accidents."

There are dangerous parts of the interstate.

"Outside lanes are the ones that accumulate the most water," Lewis said. "The first 10 minutes after it starts raining are the most dangerous because the water with the oil combined makes the roads more slick."

The water is everywhere and drivers should be cautious no matter where their driving. However, there are some areas to watch out for.

Wendover and Cridland
Yanceyville and Cornwallis
Bryan Blvd. and Holden Rd.

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