Three Goats Shot to Death; Neighbors Concerned

11:36 PM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The Guilford County Sheriff's Office wants to know who, and why, someone shot and killed at least three goats. Not only is this a senseless crime, but those goats belonged to a church.

The goats belonged to Lebanon Baptist Ministries in north Greensboro. They kept the goats because they were good for weed control.

Now, the church and neighbors are concerned about what might happen next. "It's just a sad feeling that somebody would come on church property and do something so violent, it's just really sad," said church employee Renae Williams. "You have the pond and then you have the goats that would just roam around, it's a pretty good little area there."

Thursday afternoon, three goats were found shot to death and a fourth was found dead in the pond. "It's kind of scary that it's on church grounds," said Williams.

"My wife and I are animal lovers and it's always pleasant seeing them out there, and the babies playing," added Jerry Gall, who lives next to the pond. "We're really shocked. Normally this is a very quiet neighborhood."

Investigators are trying to determine when it happened, who did it and why. Until they're caught, neighbors are on the lookout in case the mystery gunman comes back.

"I'll be keeping a closer watch on what's going on around the area," said Gall.

The criminal will likely face animal cruelty charges when they're caught.

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