GPD: Get To Know Your Neighbors in 2014

5:51 PM, Jan 1, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - A recent study found only 25 percent of people, nationwide, know their neighbors by name. How many of your neighbors do you know? Do you have their phone numbers? What do you know about them? These are all questions Greensboro Police say we should start asking ourselves.

In the Glenwood Neighborhood, the neighborhood association is very active. People who live there say a bookstore helped turn around part of the area that used to have a lot of crime. By creating a more inviting place for neighbors, criminals stopped targeting the area.

Police cannot be everywhere. That's why Greensboro Police are asking you to look after the people who live around you. It's advice people who live in Glenwood are already following.

"They're moving away from telling people to be vigilant and paranoid and skeptical of their neighbors and moving toward telling people to be good neighbors. When that happens, it's easier for the police to do their job," Glenwood Neighborhood Association President Fahiym Hanna said.

Another Glenwood resident, Bulent Badiz, added, "If you have get-togethers and mingle socially and care for one another, then you have bonding that develops a neighborhood spirit."

Greensboro police will be launching a Facebook campaign to get the word out about knowing your neighbor. They're also putting up billboards. In addition, officers will be available to speak at community events and meetings about starting neighborhood watch programs.

Another great way to get your neighborhood talking is through an email list or a newsletter. The Glenwood neighborhood does this and so do several other neighborhoods in the area. It's a quick way for people to stay informed about what's happening, both good and bad.

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