Student Charged In Incident At Western Guilford High

6:54 PM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A 16-year-old student is facing charges for assaulting another student at Western Guilford High School. 

Police say the incident happened in the bathroom of an annex building at the school.

Video of what happened has been posted on the social media page of the minor charged in the fight.

In the video, several students - about half a dozen or more - are standing around and talking in the bathroom, and then it cuts to one student balled up in a corner and another kicking and beating him.

Toward the end, another student joins the beating and the victim runs out of the bathroom.

Police have not charged anyone else in the incident, but a spokesperson with Guilford County Schools says students who witnessed the fight, including the one charged, have been disciplined. No details on what the disciplinary action entailed but the district says consequences of assault on a student by a student "range from out of school suspension to long-term suspension, in addition to any legal/criminal charges."

 The district explains neither the chief of staff to the superintendent nor the communications office, knew about the incident until WFMY News 2 called because they are not involved in the disciplinary process. A spokesperson says usually they learn about incidents like this for "informational purposes" and that the school followed proper procedure by calling the regional superintendent soon after the fight.

Several students have been sharing and adding comments to the video on Facebook. In some of the comments, it appears the boy charged in the fight is bragging about the incident.

One of the status updates says people have been treating him like a "superstar" following Tuesday's incident. Another post on the page says "the Knock Out Boys are on the map now."

Meanwhile, the parent of the victim says he suffered from bruises and received medical attention but is OK.

The parent says her son has had problems in the past with the boy charged, and she's working on withdrawing her child from the school.

According to Guilford County Schools, Western Guilford has one of the lowest number of incidents in the system and this is not a rampant issue at the school.

Police say they don't have any concrete information about the so-called "Knock Out Boys" seen in some of the facebook posts but officers are interviewing some students about the dangerous "knock-out game" making headlines across the country as a precaution.

The "game" is when attackers try to knock out their victims with one punch.

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