Man Pleading for Help Finding Mother's Stolen Ashes

11:54 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- A local man is in desperate need of your help. His mother's ashes were stolen.

The man told WFMY News 2's Chad Silber, police are not doing what they can to recover the ashes.

It goes back to the case's police report. Despite the ashes still missing, the report states that the case is closed. Police said 'case closed' does not mean 'case closed.'

"It was a physically sickening feeling knowing that somebody could steal a person," said Aiden King, of Lexington.

An empty box is all that's left of his mother. When his mother Barbara died in August 2012, her family had her remains cremated. They were stored inside a container in a box at Aiden's home. During a burglary last month, the container went missing, along with several electronics, weapons and personal items. A couple weeks ago, police arrested a suspect and recovered some of Aiden's belongings.

"More importantly, my mother is still missing," said Aiden. "That's the most important thing that's missing."

Aiden says Lexington Police aren't doing their best to find the remains. "The case is not closed until my mother is brought home," said Aiden. "Making an arrest does not close this case."

Lexington Police wouldn't go on camera, but told us they understand the family's frustration and are doing what they can to find the container. A captain in charge says he hasn't seen a case like this in his 23 years on the force.

"Somebody knows something and they need to speak up," said Aiden. He hopes someone will come forward so his family members can put this difficult time behind them.

"How can you steal a person?" asked Aiden. "It was bad enough that she was gone, now she's literally gone."

Antonio Lamar Shaw sits in jail right now.He's the man charged with three felony counts in the case. Police said they've asked Shaw about the ashes. He denies even burglarizing the home.

Lexington Police and Crimestoppers are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest involving the stolen remains.

WFMY News 2

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