Elderly Man Left Home Alone Still Recovering, Who's Responsible?

5:34 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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GRAHAM, N.C. -- A man who claimed he was left alone for days after he had a stroke was still recovering in a hospital Thursday afternoon.

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Friday, October 4, a Graham postal carrier found an elderly man home alone after his meds starting piling up in the mailbox. The man was sitting in a recliner and unable to move himself. He said he was recovering from a stroke and couldn't move to get food or water. He also said his caregiver had "quit" on him earlier in the week.

We know Adult Protective Services is looking into this case. The big question: did the man live alone or with a family member.

At the Alamance County Human Services Center, workers say if a person is unable to care for themselves, family members are then responsible. "They're not able to do that (care) for themselves, then the family caregiver would be assuming that role of help so they could be liable for neglect," said Linda Allison, Assistant Director of Department of Social Services.

In this case, we're not sure who was responsible for taking care of the man. We haven't been able to track down a caregiver or a family member.

If this man had someone assigned to him through a service or a private caregiver, that person could be held liable. Police did go to the home after the mailman called and alerted them to the situation. They said they did not find anything that would lead to charges.

As for the man, he is being treated at the VA Medical Center in Durham.

Adult Protective Services will pass the case back to Graham Police if they find someone was negligent.

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