Mail Carrier, Mickey Wheeley, Finds Graham Man Alone, Hungry in Apartment

10:35 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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Mickey Wheeley (Photo: USPS)

GRAHAM, N.C. -- Thanks to an alert postal carrier in Graham, a man is recovering after he said he was abandoned by his caregiver.

On Oct. 7, mail carrier Michael "Mickey" Wheeley was making a delivery to some apartments when he noticed several small packages of medicine still in the mailbox for one of the residents. Wheeley decided to take the medicine and mail to check on the person. That decision may have saved the man's life, according to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Wheeley knocked on the door and was told to come inside. When he entered, he saw a man in a chair, unable to get up and walk, or function alone. The person told Wheeley that he was by himself, because his caretaker had quit on him earlier in the week. The man said he was recovering from a stroke.

Wheeley gave the man some water and his mail. The man told Wheeley he hadn't had any food or medicine in three days. When Wheeley asked if he wanted something to eat, the man asked for chicken nuggets.

Wheeley left the apartment and called his supervisor, Carole Eckstrom, who called 911. Emergency Services responded and took the man to the hospital.

"I was just doing my job" is what Wheeley told WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower. 

"He was glad to see somebody.. he was just sitting there with no TV, nothing to eat, and a little bit of water. The end of it, and he couldn't move, he couldn't move.," explained Wheeley.

"So if somebody hadn't of checked on him, he could have been in bad shape. I just happened to be doing my job and I checked on him."

He added, "I don't deserve any credit or anything.. I'm just, doing my job."

Wheeley plans to follow through on his promise: "When he gets back, I'm getting him his nuggets!"

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