People Visiting Blue Ridge Parkway Despite Government Shutdown

10:52 PM, Oct 13, 2013   |    comments
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Blue Ridge Parkway, N.C. -- It is the time of year people plan vacations around. People from all over North America come to see the fall colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nature did its part, this year, but it's getting no help from our Federal government.

For the last 13 days, visitors to the 469-mile parkway have seen a lot of closed signs. But that's not stopping people near and far who won't let Washington get in the way of their Autumn tradition.

Traffic is picking up along the Blue Ridge Parkway as the leaves begin to transform into their brilliant shades of red and yellow. But it's not just the leaves visitors are noticing this year.

"Things are closed," said Cindy Adkins. "There were a couple places we wanted to stop at and they've got the gates closed."

Adkins and her husband drove from Ohio to take in these views, with a few adjustments.

"We even ate in the car just to sightsee today but still, I'm enjoying it as far as that goes but it's mainly going to be just sightseeing," said Adkins.

The Adkins aren't alone. 

 "The campgrounds and the places that we're used to going are just not available this time," said Gail Williams, of Randleman, North Carolina.

No place to eat lunch or even use the restroom, but most people are staying optimistic.

"Families who want to get up early can always pack a lunch," said Linda Trebino. "You can't close down a picnic."

Linda and her husband, Rick, drove up from Atlanta to ride the Parkway. "It's definitely worth it," said Rick. "We're staying in hotels a couple miles off the road so they're all privately run and they're all still open so it hasn't been a problem at all for us."

"I don't even know where we're going to stay tonight," said Adkins." Hopefully we can find us a little place somewhere between here and up the road."

The entire length of the Parkway is open, but be prepared to miss any federal attractions.

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