Guilford Co. Students & Teachers Adjust Without Tablets

6:26 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Update from Amplify

GREENSBORO, NC -- Guilford County Schools (GCS) suspended the use of tablets on Friday for all its middle schools. That meant back to basics with more paper, pens, pencils and textbooks when students returned on Monday.

The school district stopped using the tablets after safety concerns and complaints. GCS is leasing the tablets from Amplify.

Company officials sent WFMY News 2 a news release stating, they are working with the school district to fix the issues and hope to have them back in the classrooms soon.

Read Statement from Amplify

In the meantime, students worked in bigger groups and learned without the help of their tablets. Teachers had to go back to the old way of taking attendance and presenting their lessons.

WFMY News 2 spoke to a science and math teacher at Jamestown Middle School about their first without the tablets, who said adjustments were made to lesson plans.

"We are finding other resources that are not computer based now," said Kathleen Stevens, 7th grade math teacher.

"We have to revamp our lessons. We definitely are thankful that they were taken on Friday. We brought out more paper and pencil and looked at what our day would be like without tablets," said Jessica Lamberth, 6th & 7th grade science & math teacher.

At Aycock Middle school 6th grader, it was the same theme. Brandan Izzard echoed what teachers at Jamestown Middle said. For him. Monday was just a normal school day, just without tablets.

"Instead of us taking notes on our tablet. We took notes on our paper. We had to write them out. It was like going back to the old school way," said Brandan Izzard a 6th grade student at Aycock Middle School.

A school system spokesperson told us, they don't have a timeline on when the tablets could return back to the classrooms.

The school district received the tablets as part of a $30 million grant from the government.

WFMY News 2

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