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Julie Luck's Exclusive Interview with Rhino Times' New Partner Roy Carroll and Editor John Hammer

10:05 AM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The Rhino Times is returning.  The first issue of the revamped weekly publication will debut tomorrow Oct.3.

After more than 20 years in business, the Rhinoceros Times shut down six months ago because of financial problems but it will return with a different look.

The new publication will simply be called "The Rhino Times."  It will have a stronger presence online and have a new look.  John Hammer will return as editor and the paper will still be free.

The publication is making a comeback because of local developer, Roy Carroll, who bought the right's to the paper's name and website.

Hammer and Carroll granted the only local TV interview to WFMY News 2 the day before the debut of the new Rhino Times.

Carroll said, "I'm a stick, brick, mortar kind of guy. I know nothing about publishing but I do understand the importance of the Rhino Times to Greensboro and surrounding areas. I worked through it like any big deal. I think we have a sustainable business model. I was willing to put money and invest in it."

"I'm very pleased to find Roy was interested in getting involved in the newspaper business and we had a lot of fun this summer working out a deal. I'm excited to be back to work," said Hammer.

Hammer says the paper will continue to cover politics from a conservative point of view.  The popular Sound of the Beep section will be part of the paper.  Much of the editorial staff remains the same.

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