New N.C. Laws Going Into Effect Oct. 1

9:03 AM, Sep 29, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: 2013 NC New Laws

Several new laws in North Carolina will go into effect starting October 1. Here's a look at the nine laws and how they impact you.

1. New restrictions on sex-selective abortions and new requirements for abortion clinics are going into effect.
The standards have been controversial because many clinics say they'll be forced to make costly upgrades or close.

2. A motorcycle safety law will increase fines and other penalties for drivers who cause an accident involving a motorcycle.

3. A new gun law expands the number of places where those with concealed handgun permits may carry guns, including bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and playgrounds.
Concealed handgun permit holder can also bring firearms onto college campuses and public schools as long as the guns are locked in a vehicle. Another measure places more restrictions on when sheriffs may reject a pistol purchase permit.

4. Restaurants and food manufacturers will now have immunity from frivolous lawsuits over the nutritional content of their food under what was known as the Common Sense Consumption Act.

5. A new law requires applicants for federal welfare payments that are paid in cash to undergo drug testing.

6. Hospitals will have to make public the costs of their most common medical procedures under a health care transparency bill.

7. Hospitals will also be required to give new parents information about pertussis or whooping cough and the availability of the T-dap vaccine after their child is born.

8. Hotels and motels that use certain kinds of fuel-burning appliances will be required to install carbon monoxide detectors.
This comes after three people died in the same hotel in Boone from carbon monoxide poisoning this summer.

9. A new law will limit when and why local governments can reject requests to build new cell phone towers.

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