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Fire Destroys Much of Iconic Jersey Shore Boardwalk

11:03 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC - A fire destroyed much of the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalk that was recently repaired after Superstorm Sandy, Thursday.

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Embers hop-scotched from building to building as people in New Jersey watched their beloved boardwalk go up in flames.

"It's completely devastating. I mean we've been through so much this past year with Hurricane Sandy and now to have this happen, I mean, there are no words; it's completely indescribable pain, honestly," said one person.

More than 500 miles from Seaside Heights, Rosario Mascali shares the feeling.

"It took a lot of effort to rebuild in such a quick time and then this happens," explained Mascali. "It's a shame. It's hard. It's hard to accept."

Mascali grew up spending summers at the shore. He lived about 45 minutes away in Bordentown but now lives in the Triad.

"Seaside Heights was the place to go - the Boardwalk, the pizza, the ice cream," said Mascali.

He added, "They'll rebuild it, probably going to make it better than before. At least I hope so."

It took more than 400 firefighters to tackle this massive fire. Some firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. 

A majority of the damage is along the boardwalk but the fire also spread to some nearby condominiums.

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