Few Take Advantage Of Free Job Search Help In Greensboro

5:40 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, N.C. -- What if we told you there was a place you could go that offers thousands of dollars worth of advice, coaching and counseling... free of charge? However, many people aren't taking advantage of the services. Classes are sitting half empty nearly every day.

Kim Hailey is a Human Resources Expert. "I've done it for 15 years, looked at resume after resume," Hailey said.

Now, she works for the City of Greensboro Public Library, sharing her job search secrets with anyone who will listen.

"I know what the Human Resources professional is thinking. I'm trying to teach the applicant how to match what the Human Resources professional is thinking," Hailey said.

Here's the problem - On Monday, only three people showed up for her mock interview class. It's a pretty typical turnout.

"I don't think about the empty seats. I think about the people do come. I just try to make sure they are really rewarded for coming in," Hailey said.

The library and the city post information about the classes online, on signs and even on social

Alexander Mangum stopped by the class to improve his interviewing skills. He's surprised more people don't take advantage of the free career counseling, but he doesn't mind all the empty seats.

"It's really a more intimate setting where the instructor can spend more time with you," Mangum said.

After the exercise, Kim gives Mangum feedback about what he did right and how he can improve. He can also download a video of his interview.

"I think the instructor did a phenomenal job being very thorough," Mangum said.

If you're struggling to find a job and wondering why you're not getting hired, stop wondering. Stop by one of Kim's classes and take advantage of her expertise.

You can also sign up for individual career counseling with Kim. Just call Kim to setup the appointment -- 336-335-5430.

The library also has a lot of free job hunting resources available online, too.

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