Shots Fired At Greensboro Teen Party, 6 Arrested

7:16 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro Police say a party with teenagers got out of hand Thursday night.

Police say shots were fired in the air after several fights broke out at St. John's Lodge, located at 1107 E. Market St., around 11:30 p.m. 

About 200 teenagers ran out of the building. There were no reported injuries. It took law enforcement an hour and a half to get the situation under control.

Police arrested six people, including 20-year-old Kenyon Jordan. He is charged with carrying a concealed gun and discharging a firearm inside the city limits. Three 16-year-olds were also arrested and face various charges. One was charged with Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. 

Police also say two juveniles were charged with disorderly conduct.

Police say the party was not in violation of the city's curfew because it was outside of the boundaries set in place for the downtown area.

"Initially, my message was to the parents: Get involved. Be responsible. Know what your child is doing. Now, I feel like my message needs to be to the teenagers. This behavior needs to stop," Greensboro Police Captain Joel Cranford said.

WFMY News 2 asked city council members if they think the curfew area needs to expand beyond the downtown area.

Mayor Robbie Perkins said, "The majority of the problem happened downtown. So, that's where we're putting the majority of the emphasis. If we see it emerging in other areas, then we'll reconsider it. There's no sense in taking care of a problem that isn't repeated or doesn't exist."

Council member Nancy Vaughan disagrees. "I think it's certainly worth a discussion. When I brought up that I thought it should be a city-wide curfew, the chief was in agreement with me. He modulated his position a bit after questioning from other council members, but he did say it was easier to enforce if it was a citywide curfew."

Council member Zack Matheny said, "The curfew is on the table downtown. If it makes sense from a GPD perspective to extend it, then I would be supportive of that...The reality is we need to focus on what we can do to reach out to these teens."

Friday afternoon, The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro hosted a meeting of youth leaders. Leaders met to discuss ways to reduce the violence.

"We think if we get enough minds thinking about this, we can come up with a comprehensive solution about how to address the issues that are being talked about," President Walker Sanders said.

Greensboro Police

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