Lauren Cecil, 11-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted In Pool, Honored By Swim Team

10:46 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: 11-Year-Old Electrocuted In Lexington Pool

Video: Swim Team Honors Lauren Cecil

  • Lauren's teammates put her initials, LSC, on their swim caps in her honor. The team is scheduled to compete in the Davidson County Aquatics Association Championships Swim Meet Friday afternoon.
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  • Davidson County, N.C. -- It's an emotional day in Davidson County as family and friends honor and remember 11-year-old Lauren Cecil.

    Tuesday, Lauren was electrocuted at the Brookside Swim Club pool after a power line fell nearby. Electricity traveled into the pool. When Lauren grabbed a metal ladder to get out of the water, the shock killed her.

    Lauren's family belongs to the Holly Grove Lutheran Church. The church celebrated her life Friday morning. Hours later, Lauren's team competed at the Davidson County Aquatics Association Championships Swim Meet. Lauren was training for the event when she died. Her family wanted Lauren's teammates to still compete, despite the tragedy.

    During the times when Lauren was supposed to compete, organizers left a lane open in honor of the little girl. It was a silent, but powerful tribute.

    "She was an inspiration to the members and coaches of our team. Lauren had tried other sports, but always returned to what she loved...swimming," Lauren's swim coach, Clay Vickers, said, "There is no way to prepare...or train for something like this."

    At the swim meet, Lauren's team members wore swim caps with her initials, "LSC," on them. Some scribbed her initials on their arms, backs and faces. Other teams also paid tribute to Lauren on their swim caps and wristbands.

    After a prayer and a moment of silence, organizers presented an award to the Brookside Swim Team. They asked them to give the award to someone on their team every year, in honor of Lauren's memory.

    Instead of sending flowers, Lauren's family has asked people to contribute to The Dragonfly House. It's an organization that helps children in need.

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