School District Flags 30 Schools For Asbestos Removal

7:50 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- Work is underway in the Guilford County Schools to remove asbestos in 30 of the 91 school buildings the district has identified as having the dangerous mineral.

An additional 11 administrative buildings have also been flagged.

According to the district, all the identified buildings were constructed before a federal regulation against the use of asbestos in building materials took effect in 1979.

Since then, Ernest King, a program director with the district says the school has been working to remove the asbestos on an "as needed" basis.

He says most of the asbestos is in the floor tiles of the school buildings and a removal company is working to remove them as they become damaged.

The contracting company, Abatemaster, adds that the more friable kinds, which can easily release asbestos fiber into the air, have been completely removed.

King says the district is managing the situation and won't be able to completely rid the buildings of asbestos unless they are rebuilt but he insists there is no danger to students or staff.

Federal and state regulations require asbestos to be monitored and contained in public buildings.

The district says it is doing more than that.

"They don't require you to take it out. They require you to just manage it and when it's damaged that's when we have to take it out," King explained.

King says the district is constantly monitoring conditions and that's how it was able to identify the 30 schools which needed tiles replaced in certain rooms.

During the removal process, an independent company monitors the air quality to make sure the workers are safe. And after the work is all done, they do another test to make sure the air is clear, before the classrooms are opened.

"It's perfectly safe. I have a child that's getting ready to go into Guilford County Schools so I have no concerns. She's actually going to a school that has asbestos. The asbestos being in the floor tile poses no danger the danger comes when the tile becomes damaged," said John Tesh, owner of the asbestos abatement company.

Here is the list of schools with asbestos abatement projects scheduled this summer:

1. Academy @ Central
2. Alderman Elementary
3. Allen Jay Elementary
4. Allen Middle
5. Bluford Elementary
6. Brooks Global
7. Colfax Elementary
8. Cone Elementary
9. Frazier Elementary
10. Guilford Middle
11. High Point Central High
12. Hunter Elementary
13. Kiser Middle
14. Jamestown Elementary
15. Johnson Street Global Studies
16. Joyner Elementary
17. Madison Elementary
18. Millis Road Elementary
19. Murphey Traditional Academy
20. Nathanael Greene
21. Northeast Middle
22. Peeler Elementary
23. Pleasant Garden Elementary
24. Sedgefield Elementary
25. Shadybrook Elementary
26. Southwest Middle
27. Sternberger Elementary
28. Sumner Elementary
29. Twilight Academy
30. Welborn Middle


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