Military Pulls Sexual Assault Prevention Brochure

9:43 AM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC -- The Pentagon has pulled a controversial brochure that was being circulated at Sumter's Shaw Air Force Base. The sexual assault prevention brochure instructed victims to give in to the attack- rather than resist.

A New York lawmaker informed the defense department about the brochure back in May.

"The brochure says, "If you are attacked, it may be advisable to submit rather than to resist. You have to make the decision based on circumstances."

It's that advice that has women's advocacy groups worried that some victims could be led in the wrong way when it comes to dealing with sexual assault.

"That is definitely a word that should never be used. It's a word that at Sistercare it would not be a word in our philosophy to use," said Deb Haney with Sistercare.

People like Haney have a problem with some of the direct advice it gives victims that are being sexually assaulted.

"It's important for us to understand that victims know better than we where they stand. They know their situation better than we do."

New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter noticed the brochure and asked the department of defense to remove it from circulation.

"It was such a tone deaf piece of work. Saying no we are not going to try and stop it just fight for yourself out there sister or brother. This is just an awful thing for people in the armed services had to deal with," said Slaughter in a YouTube video.

Ginny Waller with Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands says every case is different and it is important to not give specific instructions because that will lead to victim blaming themselves for the assault.

"We really want to move away from terminology that is victim blaming and that puts all the impetus on the survivor to protect himself or herself rather than saying to perpetrators not to assault," said Waller.

Source: WLTX

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