News 2 Checks Out The Triad's Nearest Kroger in Martinsville, Prices Cheaper

11:05 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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Martinsville, VA -- Kroger announced they are buying Harris Teeter for $2.5 billion, Tuesday.

The grocery store chain was already one of the nation's largest. With this purchase, they'll now operate more than 2,600 stores across 34 states.

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WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford traveled to the nearest Kroger in Martinsville, VA. Other nearby Krogers are in Durham.

Kroger customers in Martinsville said:
- Better quality than Food Lion or Walmart
- Fruits, vegetables, and meats are fresher than Food Lion or Walmart
- Pricing is higher than Food Lion or Walmart
- Offer many coupons
- Carry unique and local products
- Not as upscale as Harris Teeter
- Smaller selection than Harris Teeter

News 2 investigated prices at Kroger to Harris Teeter. In our comparison, prices are cheaper at Kroger.

                                                        Kroger         Harris Teeter

Gallon Generic Skim Milk                      $2.99              $3.89
Jumbo Pack Pampers Diapers              $18.99            $19.99
Jar Of Generic Mixed Nuts                     $3.49             $3.99
Dozen Large Eggs                                 $1.79             $1.99
100 Ounces of Tide Detergent              $11.99           $12.99

An industry insider told News 2 that a big part of Kroger's business plan is shortening the amount of time in the check-out line. By the end of the year, the grocery chain plans on installing infrared cameras to monitor the lines, which alerts staff when to open new cash registers.

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News 2 obtained the e-mail Harris Teeter employees received on Tuesday. According to that e-mail, Kroger might add more manufacturing and production in High Point.

WFMY News 2

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