Police Officer Reunites With Baby He Helped Save

6:50 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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A 4-month-old baby got the chance to meet one of the police officers, his dad believes, are the boy's superheroes.

He called them Batman and Robin.

"Hunter, look! Somebody is here to see you!"

Back on Wednesday June 12, Eric Hockett could not have imagined this moment.

That his son would survive a cardiac arrest.
And that he'd be meeting one of the people who saved his life.

"Hey, Hunter!" the officer said to the baby.

Hunter's father found him in his crib lifeless - with no pulse, and he wasn't breathing.

He and his wife called 911 and started CPR.

That's when officers Joshua Wolfe and Brent McDowell showed up.

"We went to the house, found Hunter in the bedroom, and Eric was performing CPR on him," Wolfe, said. "And, I and Officer McDowell took over the CPR. He did the chest compression. I did the mouth to mouth."

According to the officer, it took four minutes to get Hunter to respond and paramedics then arrived and continued helping Hunter breathe.

"It was just a team effort there," said the emotional dad.

But the officer gave the credit to a celestial power.

"God was on our side and he helped us out, he brought Hunter back," Wolfe said.

Wolfe has been with the Thomasville Police Department for barely 3.5 years. He says he had never performed CPR on a baby.

"It makes you want to tear up. It makes you want to cry because it's just something that doesn't happen everyday," the officer said.

Eric, calls Hunter his miracle baby - and with reason.

The family says Hunter had a one percent chance of surviving when he was born because of a heart condition. His dad says the young boy is now recovering well.

"I love to hear him cry. I tell people, it doesn't bother me I could be hearing nothing," he said.

WFMY News 2 was not able to speak with the second officer - Brent McDowell. The department says he is on vacation but will be back just in time for a ceremony in Thomasville honoring both of them for their heroic actions.

It's scheduled for July 16th at the council chambers, beginning at  3:00 p.m.

"I appreciate the awards and the ceremony that they are going to give us but the real reward is [Hunter is]still here," Wolfe said.


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