News 2 Asks Teens About Why Hangout, Fight Each Other In Downtown Greensboro

10:44 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Six teenagers were charged with affray after fights broke out before 10pm on the night of July 4th.

Greensboro's new Youth Protection Ordinance was passed on Wednesday, instituting an 11pm downtown curfew for people 17-years-old.

Read here: Greensboro City Council Approves Youth Curfew

After the Fun Fourth Festivities ended in downtown Greensboro, six teenagers were charged with affray. Their ages range from 13-17.

"We're going to continue to have problems around the disruptive behavior of the teenagers in the downtown area. We have a small segment of the teenagers that are downtown that remain defiant to what we're trying to do to bring order and peace back to the downtown areas," said Captain Joel Cranford.

The fights started to break out around 8:30pm in the Center City Park area.

"All the fights that we saw last night were teen on teen violence. Those occurred before the curfew actually went into effect," added Cranford.

Later on in the night, six teenagers were identified as violating the curfew. Four were warned and released to parents and two were issued citations and released to a parent.

WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford talked to teenagers on Friday night. Three teenagers got permission from their parents to be honest with us about why there are so many problems with teenagers hanging out downtown. Watch the video to hear from the teenagers.

WFMY News 2, Greensboro Police

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